Brenda's mother named her after Brenda Starr the red-headed reporter. Knowing she was born to write, her mother gave her a pen and paper as soon as she could form words. The rest is history. Brenda has written blogs and campaigns that have earned national acclaim and she has grown into an award winning communicator -- helping organizations communicate both their tough and ta-da messages.


    With 25 years of marketing communications, corporate communications, and public relations experience, what Brenda loves to do most is write, report and persuade. Her toolbox and skillsets run deep.

    She has a long track record of creating newsworthy stories that earn media coverage and digital content that connects deeply with both B2B and B2C customers. She is accredited through the International Association of Business Communicators.



  • Projects Brenda's Working On

    Dive Bar Blog

    Writing blog and book showcasing Kansas City's longest standing neighborhood bars and restaurants.

    Pets Need Dental Care, Too Media Tour

    Produced a thorough media valuation report during the six weeks following the campaign to document clips from the  $1.1 million campaign performed by Harmon Smith Advertising for Hill's Pet Nutrition.

    Building PR via Art

    Under my PR contract with the city, I founded Grandview's first arts council from bylaws to logo and a one-year line up of community showings.

    Produced Copy & Creative for Arts Org

    I produced the print, video, and digital communications for ArtsKC for 12 months breaking barriers on past social metrics and engagement.

    eBook, Digital Content Mastery

    Researched and produced all digital communications, eBooks, landing pages and collateral for Next Page for two years.

    Author of Library Book Report

    Currently write and produce content for eight-page "book report" for Johnson County Library. Serves as visual proof of the value the 16 branches are bringing to the surrounding community.

  • Brands Brenda's Built

    From logo through launch

    The Fresh Voice of PR

    Created the sassy source for PR pros where marketers could get their after-hour insider info on the industry and all their media contacts online for prices where they could afford another round.

    Hall of Fame with Branding Wheels

    Proved to the masses that Assurant was the kinder, gentler insurance carrier who cared about people who got hurt and made incredible comebacks.

    The Riches are in the Niches

    During the peak of the real estate market I started and branded a condo company that became a prime source of information on downtown condos and secured 20% of the market in just two years by catering to downsizers and same-sex couples.

    Built Blog with International Readership

    Over a three year course, I built a blog with 6,000 readers across the globe. Midlife Mona Lisa published eBooks and wrote sponsored articles to earn national acclaim and income. The notoriety landed me a CBS reality show "The Job" where I competed against Millennials for a editorial position at Cosmopolitan magazine.

  • Got a Hot Project?

    You can reach Brenda at bclevenger@me.com or 816-501-6042.

    Let's connect!